Bonk CDs

Bonk Festival CDs

Bonk XI (BFM-102)

Works from the 2002 festival performed by the USF Percussion Ensemble, violinist Conrad Harris and violist Laura Wilcox.

1.Drainfor percussion ensemble and computer-generated recording – by Drew Krause14:02
2.Sextuple Entendrecomputer music – by Christopher Penrose12:47
3.Nocturnefor solo violin – by Eric Lyon7:34
4.Redcomputer music – by James Hegarty5:53
5.Viola Desnudafor solo viola – by Sergio Barroso13:26
6.Mix-Upcomputer music – by Jens Hedman11:23
7.Civilizacionesfor percussion ensemble – by Ricardo Dal Farra13:22
Total Playing Time : 79:20

Bonk Festival of New Music (BFM-091)

Solo performances by pianist Corey Jane Holt and Margaret Lancaster, ensemble performances by the USF Percussion Ensemble and various Bonk artists.

1.Just Give Us Czechoslovakia and We’ll Die Happy Menfor percussion ensemble with trumpets and tubas – by Eric Lyon10:44
2.LetsTaboo.comcomputer music – by Christopher Penrose8:07
3.Banjo Suicidefor chamber ensemble – by Drew Krause8:25
4.Monolog.3for solo piano – by Gregory Boardman7:37
5.cette obscure claret qui tombe des etoilesfor flute and recording – by Paul Steenhuisen3:41
6.The Mechanics of Ignorancecomputer music – by Robert Constable13:12
7.aROUND tHE cORNERfor percussion ensemble – by Hideko Kawamoto6:33
Total Playing Time : 59:02

10th Anniversary Bonk (BFM-080)

Music from the 2000 festival, released in 2001 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first Bonk concert.

1.Dingfor percussion ensemble and piano – by Drew Krause9:15
2.Prelude to Chump1:39
3.Chumpcomputer music – by Christopher Penrose11:33
4.Florida Suitefor solo piano – by David Rogers6:37
5.An American Fantasyfor chamber ensemble – by Eric Lyon11:38
6.Night Ascends from the Ear like a Butterflycomputer music – by Hideko Kawamoto8:18
7.Im Gleichgewichtfor four pianos – by Robert Constable10:17
Total Playing Time : 60:04

millennium pygam meam (BFM-079)

Bonk celebrates the new millennium with music for the last days…

1.wonderfor symphony orchestra and electronics – by Paul Steenhuisen15:29
2.Recursion No. 1for solo piano – by Robert C. Constable, Jr4:05
3.Pretty Babyfor violin and tape – by Paul Reller10:34
4.BLARGHfor two contrabassoons – by David Rogers7:12
5.Red Dwarfs from Outer Spacecomputer music – by Eric Lyon10:43
6.asdffor snare drum and piano – by Drew Krause6:32
7.Big Daddycomputer-mediated recording – by Christopher Penrose9:12
Total Playing Time : 63:56

Bonk Thy Neighbor (BFM-069)

Performances by Bonk core artists Corey Holt (piano), Conrad Harris (violin), David Rogers (horn). Robert McCormick and the USF Percussion Ensemble perform works written for them to premiere at the 1998 festival.

1.Corey Jane’s Polka Madnessfor piano and percussion ensemble – by Paul H. Reller8:31
2.My Tubefor processed horn and computer-generated tape – by David W. Rogers6:10
3.Recursion No. 5for solo piano – by Robert C. Constable5:25
4.First of Julyfor percussion ensemble – by Drew Krause5:31
5.Sonata No. 2 for violin and tapefor violin and tape – by Eric Lyon7:53
6.American Jingofor computer-generated tape – by Christopher Penrose19:19
7.Mel18for virtual piano – by Ricardo Dal Farra8:41
Total Playing Time : 61:34
This CD was reviewed in The American Record Guide, July/August 2000

Music From the Bonk Festival (BFM-047)

Our first compact disc compilation features live performances from 1996 festival concerts and some studio recordings of works that were given world premieres at Bonk.

1.Vectors V: Intuitions (1996)for flute, violin, cello, horn, piano and drumset – by Eric Lyon6:35
2.Some Good Old-Fashioned Electronic Music (1995)a tape composition – by Paul H. Reller12:07
3.Recursion No. 6 (1995)for solo piano – by Robert C. Constable5:51
4.Phoenix Aeolis: Re-Variations (1995)for percussion ensemble and computer-generated tape – by David W. Rogers20:38
5.PRODUCT (1994)for percussion ensemble and computer-generated tape – by Paul Marquardt5:32
6.Panic (1994)for violin and computer-generated tape – by Drew Stafford Krause8:57
7.Variation XVI (1993) from the song cycle “Variations on Estrangement”for mezzo-soprano and computer-generated tape – by Robert C. Constable3:42
Total Playing Time : 63:28
This CD was reviewed in The American Record Guide, July/August 1998